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HERITAGE hands-on

Expertise | Entrepreneurship


  1. Supporting the development of individual and/or organization in cultural heritage sector through an array of resources and services;

  2. Conceptualization and management of cultural heritage by creating synergy between developed and developing countries through exchange of experts and practitioners.



  1. Promoting entrepreneurial capacity amongst cultural heritage professionals and institutions to be financially independent;

  2. Creating job opportunities by implementation of cultural heritage code of conducts.





Hasti Tarekat Dipowijoyo

Focus on capacity development to empower cultural heritage movement

My interest in cultural heritage begun in mid 1990’s when I worked as a volunteer, publishing Bandung Heritage Society newsletters in Indonesia. This task triggered me to learn and to get involve deeper into issues of cultural heritage in Indonesia. Later, I co-established Sumatra Heritage Trust and took a master’s degree with research about monument acts. 

For me, cultural heritage is a means to maintain quality of environment and to confirm identity of individual and collectives. It is more than a beauty of the past, far from merely a nostalgia.

That spirit keeps me going until today.

In 2005 I moved permanently to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I continue my passions and interests in cultural heritage. Mostly I involve in shared heritage projects between Indonesia and the Netherlands. 


In the past 25 years, I have been working as administrator, project manager, initiator, executive director, advisor and lecturer for various institutions both government and non-government sectors, all about cultural heritage.


Mostly I think how I can contribute to cultural heritage movements in Indonesia, but gradually I realize that history and identity of a country relate to greater and broader perspective of the world. 

From all assignments that I have done, what I like most is working with grass root level, in the field, together with persons that genuinely care about cultural heritage.


That is why my afilliation called HERITAGE hands-on.

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HERITAGE hands-on
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